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Effective Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization can be a serious challenge for most online businesses, making it effective, even more so. Changes to algorithms by Google, Yahoo, and Bing will continuously alter your SEO and online marketing strategies. At the same time, greater time strains will be put on you and/or an in-house marketing team. If you’re managing all of your Search Engine Optimization efforts, you may want to consider hiring the services of experts in the field.

On-Page Optimization

High page rank through back-linking is among the many goals of SEO. Raking in the inbound links from various other sites to yours will be possible through quality and relevant content coming from your website. This strategy is commonly thought to be On-Page Optimization but is actually Off-Page Optimization, and both can take months or even years to cultivate. But these strategies are crucial to being found online. Both strategies share similarities while having key differences which we will delve into within another article. For now we will simply refer to the strategy as on-page optimization.

Here are some pointers to help in adding that extra something to your website content:

Researching Keywords

Most people understand that keywords are important for any website design as they attract traffic to your website based on what your potential customer base searches for on any given search engine. Keyword research and creation, however, is not a one-time process. Targeted words must be updated at regular intervals. There are tools such as the Google Keyword Planner which can be used to research keywords for your site. It must be remembered, however, that there are numerous overlooked keywords and key phrases. Also, there are misleading ones which can hurt you in terms of relevant traffic.

Keyword Analytics | A Level Up Design & Media | Search Engine Optimization
A Level Up Design & Media produces search engine optimization analytics for clients. This helps give an understanding of rank changes and new strategies needed in on-page optimization.
Landing Page Creation and Optimization

Landing pages are an important factor to not only the optimization of your website, but also to lead generation and customer connection. Interior pages of your website can be optimized for specific long-tailed search terms instead of using the site’s home page for every single term that you care about. At the same time, a professional will create ads based around these landing pages or vice-versa in order to ensure the right content is being found by the right individual, thus potentially generating better conversions as the customer is directed and “lands” exactly on what they’re searching for. This improves the overall visibility of the higher-level pages on a broader term search.

Optimize Page Titles

Title structures are an important part of on-page optimization. Your keyword should ideally appear in the title of the page, and its length should be 60 to 65 characters. A note to mention is that Google has now even begun to take the pixel length of a title into consideration.

URL Optimization

Keyword and phrase logic that applies to a titles optimization applies to URLs too. The main or critical words you want to rank for should also be featured in the URL. This can be a time-consuming process and A Level Up Design & Media can handle this expertly for you.

Meta Data

Meta tags, also called the description tag are key elements to your website’s optimization. These description tags should be on every page you want to target. Information contained within these tags are used by search engines and are the main description your potential audience will see. Therefore, the words contained in these tags should be relevant to the content on the site or individual landing page. 

Though we attempt to break down this information and make it a bit simpler, there are a lot of technical nuances that go into SEO and on-page optimization. It also must be remembered that every business has different marketing needs. At A Level Up Design & Media we study your business requirements and offer customized solutions. Call us at (520) 809-2145 or visit our digital marketing page to start your impactful online marketing journey.
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